Cancer and Kids



Cancer and Kids

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The cancer experience shakes most caregivers to their core. It is even more compelling and poignant when it involves children. Thousands of families each year face this shocking reality. In the midst of having to manage their own emotions and the unpredictable bustle of caregiving, they are faced with helping children to understand what's happening around or to them.

Based on interviews with caregivers who have first-hand knowledge, this short book was written for cancer caregivers who are responsible for helping children understand what a cancer diagnosis means for a loved one or for themselves. In short and direct language, it offers guidance and resources (both references and internet links) for communicating and taking action in five areas:

  •    Sharing the News
  •    Managing the Impact for Children
  •    When the Child is the Patient
  •    Handling the Death of a Parent or Sibling
  •    Other Resources for Caregivers Concerned About Children


If you’re pressed for time and need to know what to do on these topics, you can’t go wrong with this book. The references provided are comprehensive and will save you time and energy as you navigate through a challenging situation.

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