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Activity is shown by timeframe below and includes important cancer support organizations and media (like Coping with Cancer Magazine), mainstream print media (like Chicago Tribune), and broad-access news and information websites (like and The book is also listed as a caregiver resource on websites such as Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Connecticut Brain Tumor Alliance, MD Anderson Cancer Center, The Caregiver Space, and Pinterest.

This press listing is provided to offer perspective on the breadth of interest in the topics addressed in this book and its supporting articles.

June 2021

Webinar for the largest caregiver organization in India, Caregiver Saathi. This 90-minute session provided an overview of the lessons set forth in the book and offered tips for the caregivers both on the webinar and on the You-tube recorded version of the discussion.

April 2017

"Making the Healthcare Debate Understandable (Part One)," April 19, 2017, Huffington Post

"Making the Healthcare Debate Understandable (Part One)," April 19, 2017, Commentary for Gatehouse Media's community Newspapers (printed in multiple towns including Marshfield, Scituate, Plymouth, and Hanover, MA), with a focus on educating the public about the isues underlying the national healthcare insurance debate and how it affects them locally.

February 2017

"Commentary: Patient Protection Must Remain Priority," February 22, 2017; Op Ed for Gatehouse Media's Community Newspapers (printed in multiple towns including Marshfield, Scituate, Plymouth, and Hanover, MA), with a focus on educating the public about the patient protections that will be lost if the Affordable Care Act is repealed.

January 2017

"Watching Cancer Grow," Huffington Post, January 9, 2017. This article describes fascinating cancer research that allows researhers to literally see cancer cells growing (or not), depending on substances injected into mice.

November 2016

"The Stage IV Roller Coaster," Cancer Knowledge Network, November 22, 2016 (originally released on Huffington Post October 21). 

"Open Letter to the President-Elect: Save Lives While Creating Jobs," Huffington Post, November 13, 2016.

"Family Cancer Caregivers: 'CHIN Up' for Coping," Huffington Post, November 4, 2016 (National Family Caregivers Month).

October 2016

"Deciphering The Cancer Research Puzzle," Huffington Post, October 21, 2016. 

Community Newspapers Co., "Breast Cancer Awareness: What if there's no lump?" article on inflammatory breast cancer that appeared in print and on line in at least 14 local papers, including Marshfield, Hanover, Norwell, Boston, Scituate, Plymouth, and many others in Massachusetts. 

September 2016

"Asbestos: The Invisible Killer," Huffington Post, September 22, 2016 (Mesothelioma).

"The Stage IV Cancer Roller Coaster," Huffington Post, September 18, 2016 (Inflammatory Breast Cancer).

"Prostate Cancer: 4 Things to Know for Every Man's Journey," Huffington Post, September 18, 2016 (Prostate cancer screening and what it means for you). Also covered by News Ireland, November 16, 2016. 

February 2016

"Creating Meaning From the Unthinkable," Huffington Post, February 23, 2016 (childhood death from leukemia 36 hours after diagnosis).

"Hey, Pink Ribbons: You Missed This One!," Huffington Post, February 1, 2016 (Inflammatory Breast Cancer).

January 2016

"Let the 'Cancer Moonshot' Inspire Hope!,Huffington Post, January 22, 2016 (cancer research).

November 2015

"Dancing through Stage 4 Cancer, Spreading Hope,Huffington Post, November 5, 2005 (case study of a woman who has been on chemo for terminal cancer for 9 years). 

October 2015

"Animal Studies Offer Cancer Research Clues,Huffington Post, October 22, 2015. 

September 2015

Keynote speaker at September 26 Oncology Nursing Conference in Worcester, MA, co-sponsored by the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and Oncology Nursing Society. 

"Childhood Cancer? Empathy is Far From Enough," Huffington Post, September 21, 2015. (Death from a childhood brain tumor)

August 2015

"3 Cancer Research Accelerators Worth Watching," Huffington Post, August 26, 2015.

July 2015

"Pancreatic Cancer: Hope on the Horizon?," Huffington Post, July 8, 2015.

June 2015

"6 Caregiver Tips for Turning a Slow Death Into a Slow Dance," Huffington Post, June 18, 2015.

Quoted in Cure Magazine, Letitia L. Star, "Sharing their Pain: Caregivers may grapple with practical and emotional challenges as they hellp loved ones manage cancer-related pain," Spring 2015, Volume 14, Number 2, p. 54. 

May 2015

"What Do I Tell the Kids?," Guest Blog, Jungle of Life: A Journey Toward your True Peak

Empower RadioInterview with Mel Majoros, The Cancer Warrior

April 2015

"Cancer Research Progress Spotlights Cruel Irony," Huffington Post, April 7, 2015.

March 2015

Cancer Today Magazine (magazine of the American Association for Cancer Research), Spring 2015, "Be Ready for Caregiving to Change You," Spring 2015, Vol. 05, Issue 01, p. 21.

March 20, Keynote Speaker for Northeastern University Relay For Life (third largest in the United States)

January 2015

Radio Interview (life), Greg Mackling, WJOB Winnepeg, January 26, 2015, about launch of Cancer and Kids book.

Community paper announcement of release of Things I Wish I'd Known: Cancer and Kids, Gatehouse Media ( for Marshfield (Mass.) MarinerAROUND TOWN: Marshfield girl donates to Locks of Love, January 14, 2015.


December 2014

"4 Rays of Hope for 'Precision' Cancer Therapies,"  Huffington Post, December 16, 2014. 

October 2014

"Clinical Trials Create Hope," Breast Cancer Awareness Month (Treatment), Gatehouse Media (, October 15, 2014.

September 2014

"Cancer Caregiving: Avoiding Financial Trials and Traps, (Chicago) Suburban Family Magazine, September/October.

"Still Undiagnosed? Three Options to Try," Huffington Post, September 24. Focusing on chronic diseases like dysautonomia.


July 2014

"Invisible Illness: How to Sustain Hope?," Huffington Post, July 11. Focusing on chronic diseases like dysautonomia.

"Making Hope When the Medical System Can't," Huffington Post, July 11. Focusing on chronic diseases like dysautonomia.


March 2014

New England Community of Cancer Survivors (NECCS), 10th Annual Awards and Cancer Survivorship Celebration Luncheon, Needham, MA. Recipient of 2014 Lorin Lavidor Personal Caregiver of the Year Award.  This award honors someone who has provided outstanding care and support to individuals during the course of their treatment or illness.


February 2014

"When Seeking a Diagnosis, 'Zebra Roulette' is No Game," Huffington Post, February 26.


December 2013

"Sustaining hope in the face of cancer," Focus on Women Magazine, December 29.

"New Year's Resolution for Caregivers: Reclaim Your Life!," Huffington Post, December 20.


October 2013

"Young Women Can and Do get Cancer," Melissa Erickson,, Portsmouth, NH, October 20.

"Life after the lump: What it takes to get through breast cancer treatment," Rockford Register Star (, Rockford, Ill., October 14.

"Don't ignore warning signs of breast cancer just because of youth," Melissa Erickson, Peoria JournalStar, October 12.

"Advocacy Helps and Heals," Mary Jane Hanron, Marshfield (MA) Mariner and Scituate Mariner, October 9. Also reprinted in local Mariner and Reporter newspapers in Abington, Carver, Kingston, Plymouth, and Plympton (MA).

Coffee Chat, "Chin Up: The Four Critical Issues that Challenge Caregivers," Vermont Cancer Center Breast Cancer ConferenceOctober 4, Sheraton Burlington Hotel.

"Tips on Getting Through It: Mass. woman writes book to help others," Melissa Erickson,, Spartanburg, S.C., October 2.

"Younger Patients Face Challenges," Melissa Erickson,, Spartanburg, S.C., October 3.

"Caregivers Choice: Take It on the Chin, or Chin Up," Cancer Knowledge NetworkSeptember 30 and October 10 (two parts).


September 2013

Granted the National St. George Award by the National and New England Boards of DIrectors of the American Cancer Society, for outstanding contributions to the control of cancer.

"Happy Holidays in Spite of Illness," Mature Years Magazine, Fall 2013, p. 41-43.


August 2013

Books to Know – Top 10 List – August 2013, D.C. Spotlight Newspaper, #1, August 2013.

"How Cancer Caregivers Heal," Cancer Knowledge Network (Canada), August 1.


June 2013

"Defeating Denial in Cancer Caregiving,", June 29.

"Theater of the Absurd in Congress: Do We Really Favor Fortified Borders Over Curing Cancer?," Huffington Post, June 26

"How Caregivers Heal," Third Age, June 19

Radio interview, Caregiver SOS, June 16 [NewsTalk 930 (AM) KLUP in the Greater San Antonio area, sponsored by the WellMed Charitable Foundation]

"Sustaining Hope in the Face of Cancer," Living Well Magazine, June, p. 12-13.


May 2013

"Caregivers urge hope in dealing with cancer," San Antonio Express (Hearst News Service), May 31

"Sustaining Hope in the Face of Cancer," Focus on Women Magazine, May 25

"Denial: Helpful at first, but dangerous if prolonged," Kelly Roncace, South Jersey Times, May 23

"Cancer Advocates are Waiting on the Tarmac," Huffington Post, May 14

"Defeating Denial in Cancer Caregiving," 

Huffington Post, May 29

Caregiving, May 22, May 21 (Powered by The Oklahoman), May 13

Westlake Magazine, May 2013

"Budget Cuts: An Insult to Cancer-Afflicted Families (Cuts in Cancer Research Will Affect Millions)" 

Memphis Sun, May 7, May 6

"Big stick needed for cancer research," Cape Cod Times, Ideas & Opinion, May 6, page A-11.

13th Annual Stowe Weekend of Hope, Stowe, Vermont, Workshop for Caregivers Friday, May 3, 1:30 - 3:30 p.m., Golden Eagle Resort (Conference Room) on Critical Issues and Roles Faced, and How Caregivers Heal.

Book Sale and Signing at Health & Information Fair, Saturday May 4, 10 a.m. - 4:00 p.m., Stoweflake Lodge.

The Stowe Weekend of Hope, through a partnership of Vermont's medical community and Stowe’s hospitality businesses, offers a healthy, inspirational retreat weekend for cancer survivors and their families.  The focus is to educate, inspire, and celebrate the lives of people living with cancer. There is a broad menu of diverse events that participants can choose from to help them find the information and inspiration they need to cope with their cancer challenge at any stage in their disease. 

"Sequester Adds Insult to Injury for Cancer-Affected Families," 50 Plus Northwest, May 5

"Changing the Sequester for the FAA Adds Insult to Injury for Cancer-Affected Families," Huffington Post, May 2


April 2013

Invited to become blogger for Huffington Post

"Sequester could doom funding for promising cancer research," PhysBizTech: Business & Technology Intelligence for Forward-Thinking Physician Practices, April 30

"Sequestration could doom funding for promising cancer research," Healthcare Finance News, April 25

"Sequestration is short-sighted," Joplin Independent, Joplin, Mo., April 24


March 2013

"Cancer Family Caregivers: Know Your Rights! ," Old Town Crier, March 26, 2013 

Book Signing, New England Coalition of Cancer Survivors Awards Luncheon, March 23, Sudbury (MA), 11:30 a.m.

Book Signing, Massachusetts Health Council 4th Annual Women's Health Forum, March 21, Waltham (MA) Westin Hotel, 7:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

"Cancer Caregiving: Avoid Financial Trials and Traps," Cancer Journey Blog, Oncology Nursing Society, March 6


February 2013

"Cancer's caregiver crisis of control,", February 1

Reprinted from CNN on:

UK News Reporter, February 2 on February 2 (page 3)
Silobreaker, courtesy of the Kidney Cancer Association, February 2
HealthCollege (Educational Resources for the Healthcare Field), February 1 (Louisiana), February 1, February 1

"Coping with Caregiver Burnout," Diabetes Forecast: The Healthy Living Magazine, Lindsey Wahowiak, February 2013

"Cancer Family Caregivers: Know Your Rights!"

Old Town Crier, Alexandria, VA, February 11, and "Feature" on www.oldtowncrier.comFebruary 17


January 2013

"5 Tips for Cancer Caregivers," Coping with Cancer Magazine, January-February, p. 42

Coping with Cancer is read by more than a half-million people in the waiting rooms of America’s private practice oncologists, urologists, and cancer treatment centers. It is published six times each year and individual subscriptions are available by mail.

"Cancer Family Caregivers: Know Your Rights"

Physicians News DigestJanuary 24

Third, January 21, January 19

PeopleBeatingCancer and the demystification of cancer-part IX, People Beating Cancer blog, January 11

Medical News For You: Your Roadmap to Healthcare, January 8

Life After 50, January 8

Grand Magazine, January 9, January 21

"Cancer Caregiving: Avoiding Financial Trials and Traps


Santa Clarita Magazine, January 30

Living Better Online Magazine, January 29

"Tips for cancer caregivers from people who've been there," Claire Martin, Denver Post, January 15


December 2012 

"Grief for the Holidays," Health Beat (A blog about all things health)

"'Obamacare': What's Next for Cancer Caregivers?"

Madison Capital Times /, December 6, December 16

"Affordable Care Act a boon for people with cancer," Houston Chronicle, December 9

Baltimore Times, December 6

"Cancer patients, caregivers will benefit from Obamacare," Witty Sparks, December 6

Guest Columnist: "Cancer Patients Still Face Many Challenges," Montgomery Advertiser, December 2

"Don't Let Cancer Spoil Your Holidays"

Advance for NPs & PAs, December 9

The Philly Public Record, Medical Record, December 13

"Caregiving: Read All About It," Touched by Cancer Magazine, November-December, p. 45


November 2012

'Obamacare': What's Next for Cancer Caregivers?

Huffington Post, November 28, November 28

Life After 50, November 13

International Business Times, November 27

Central Asia Times, November 17

"Caring for the Caregivers," Alexia Elejalde-Ruiz, Chicago Tribune, November 28

"Being a Cancer Caregiver Changes Your Life,", November 11

"Things I Wish I'd Known: The Truth About Caregiving," Third Age, November 7

"Caregiver's cancer book a must read for all of us," Vickie Aldous, Ashland Daily Tidings, November 2

"Dealing with Cancer During the Holidays," Life After 50, November 1

"Don't Let Cancer Spoil Your Holidays" 

Montana Senior News, November 1

Star City Health,, Lincoln, NE, November 14 

"Cancer Caregivers Share What They Wish They'd Known" 

Vietnam Tribune, November 27


October 2012

Caregivers of cancer patients highlighted in new bookArticleAthens (Ga.) Banner-Heraldand, October 29 

WGN Radio (Chicago) website, Breast Cancer Special, October 25

"How to help a cancer care giver: A cancer care giver facers unique demands," on the website  

"Center member wins publishing award; book available for purchase," Center News and Updates, American Hospital Association's Center for Healthcare Governance, October 18

Recorded Radio Interview, October 12, WFSS, Fayetteville, NC, with Kathy Klaus (91.9 FM, NPR affiliate)

Feature article, "Local Author Cares and Shares," multiple communities in Boston region and network, October 10

This article was then reprinted in local newspapers and online news sites in over 135 communities across 22 states (including such wide-ranging locations as California, Oregon, Illinois, Texas, Michigan, Missouri, and New York).

"Cancer Caregivers Share What They Wish They'd Known" Hong Kong HeraldOctober 7

Live Radio Interview, October 5, CJOB 68 Superstation, Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada), Nighthawk Show with Guest Host Greg Mackling 

Axcess News, Reno, NV (October 3), Philadelphia, PA (October 2)


September, 2012:

Florida Publishers Association Gold Medal Prize, 2012, Self-Help Books (September 29)

Bookstock Literary Festival at Historic 1699 Winslow House and Cultural Center in Marshfield, MA. Book sales and signings, September 22, 12 noon - 7 p.m.

Book Talk at Blum Resource Center, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, September 21, 11 a.m.
(450 Brookline Avenue, Boston, Massachusetts)